Thursday, June 14, 2012

Contradições monárquicas

Are you sure you don’t want a republic?, em the red rock:

The British monarchy itself is also overwhelmingly popular. Polls over the last few weeks show 76-86% of the British public support keeping the UK’s head of state a hereditary affair.

But here’s the thing: ICM asked whether Prince Charles should become King when the Queen dies, or whether the crown should skip him and go to William instead. By 48% to 39%, the public said William should become King.

But that isn’t how a hereditary system works. Charles doesn’t have to win an election to become King – he’s the next one. In theory he could stand aside, but every indication has been that he won’t.

So there’s a contradiction: A huge majority of the population say they want to keep selecting heads of state by the hereditary principle; yet a big plurality of them also say they don’t want the person who is next in line in the hereditary principle to become the head of state.

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