Wednesday, November 09, 2011

O "caso Herman Cain"

Did Herman Cain Ever Actually Have Sex With Anyone? Or Did He Just Hit On People? (Business Insider):

In other words, this is an unusual political sex scandal, in that no one has actually accused Cain of having inappropriate sex.

Cain may have wanted to have inappropriate sex, it appears. But so far no one has come forward and admitted that they actually had it with him, or that he forced it on them.

And, unlike some men, Cain appears to have honored the wishes of the women he propositioned and to have understood that "no" actually meant "no." (...)

it's seems worth pointing out that we're not talking Gennifer here. Or Monica. Or Marilyn. Or a secret love-child with the housekeeper. Or a secret love-child with the videographer. We're not talking about "he fired me because I wouldn't have sex with him."  We're not talking about lying publicly about not sending pictures of your schlong to college students.

What we're talking about, so far, is a man who may have propositioned a bunch of women--and made an unexpected and unwanted physical advance on one of them--only to be rejected by all of them.

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