Friday, January 25, 2019

Sobre o "gender gap"

Thoughts on the gender pay gap, por Chris Dillow:

To cite just two examples from conventional social science, Alison Booth has shown that girls from single-sex schools are as competitive as boys. This, she says, “suggests that observed gender differences might reflect social learning rather than inherent gender traits.” And Marta Favara has shown that girls who go to single-sex schools are more likely to study maths and sciences than others. In both cases, all-girl schools (at the margin) discourage girls from acting girly and so steer them away from stereotyping.

In this sense, two things might both be true. It might be that the gender pay gap is not due to employers discriminating against women. But nevertheless it might also be true that women are the victims of sexism because of (among other things) how they are socialized. (...)

The point here is a simple one. Inequalities are not necessarily due to bad people deliberately doing bad things. They can instead be the result of impersonal mechanisms.

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