Friday, October 31, 2008

Estalinismo e russos mortos

Stalinism: why we still need to talk about dead Russians, por David Osler:

The rise of fascism is one of the great themes of twentieth century history, and to affect ‘neutrality’ on the topic would be not only intellectually and morally untenable, but would be - in effect - to take the wrong side.

Similarly, nuances of analysis on the Spanish civil war should of course not debar anybody from joining a leftist political organisation. But it would be strange kind of socialist party that would extend membership to those who felt that the good guys came out on top in that one.

Yet somehow there seems to be something of a blind spot when it comes to Stalinism.(...)

You see, you have to understand that objectively Stalin represents a historically progressive figure, comrade. He defended and even extended proletarian property relations and won the Great Patriotic War, didn’t he? Can’t make an omelette, and all that. (...)

Not to repudiate Stalinism explicitly, then, at best leaves the left open to accusations of double standards, of picking and choosing inconsistently between good and bad totalitarianism. At worst, it is active advocacy of repression.

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