Sunday, October 26, 2008

Já agora (II)

E o texto anterior (com as suas referencias ao anti-imperialismo do Oeste americano, venha ele de cowboys ou de neo-hippies) fez-me lembrar ainda outro texto, este mais antigo, de Bill Kauffman, My America vs. The Empire:

Facile contemners of President Bush deride him as a "Texas cowboy." If only he were. Alas, President of the World Bush is a deracinated preppie, an Andover yell leader who blamed his first defeat for public office, in a 1978 congressional race, on "provincialism." It seems that the real cowboys were unimpressed by a naughty boarding-school cheerleader who was unable to pronounce correctly the name of the largest city in the district. Young Bush's helpmate, Vice President Cheney of Haliburton, is a man so placeless that once he humbly determined himself to be the most qualified running mate Mr. Bush might have, he had to hop a plane to Wyoming and become an instant citizen of the Equality State so as to avoid violating the pettifogging constitutional clause that effectively prevents President and Vice President from being residents of the same state.

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CN said...

Bill Kaufman is great.